500 Entertainment LLC announced the release of long-awaited EPs

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500 Entertainment LLC has signed MigoBlade, $taleFry, and Murcboy for their upcoming EPs that are being recorded and will be released in May, and December 2020.

500 Entertainment LLC is a well-known name for all those music lovers out there, founded by up-and-coming hip-hop artist and entrepreneur Marcoof500 who has devoted all his energy towards music. Inspired by the music from Lil JoJo, Tay Sav and PBG, the young rapper wants to make his name in the world of hip-hop music by introducing new ideas. He has been an emerging star in the underground game for some time now.

He decided to give something back to the hip-hop community and take his music to the next level by founding “500 Entertainment LLC” and taking the role of CEO. 500Entertainment LLC has been receiving an applaud from the musical community and hip-hop lovers ever since. The popularity is still growing in numbers and it is expected to be doubled by the end of 2020 with the release of these 2 EPs.

Due to great positive feedback, 500 Entertainment LLC has now signed three popular and young artists that you all must be well aware of, MigoBlade, $staleFry, and Murcboy. These young and energetic artists can lit-up any track and are currently working on the upcoming EPs for 500 Entertainment LLC.

500 Entertainment LLC has also announced the release of 2 new EPs that are currently being recorded with MigoBlade, $taleFry, and Murcboy. The EPs are to be released in May 2020 titled “Durag Bandit” and December 2020 titled “The Book of Marco”. Hip-hop fans are truly excited about this announcement and they are expecting the same slick quality from these EPs.

The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of these new EPs with excitement that shows their love towards these artists and 500 Entertainment LLC. Marcoof500 started his musical career out of Norfolk Virginia and has gained over 40k followers to date. The number is rapidly growing with the latest announcement of releasing 2 EPs within a year.

Marcoof500 has sheer dedication and commitment to hip-hop culture and he does not limit himself to music. He intends on stopping nowhere and keep working towards everything he can for the promotion and growth of hip-hop music and culture. He is also running a 500Entertainment LLC domain with high-quality streetwear, merchandise, jewelry, and accessories. He is determined to promote hip-hop culture at all levels, through all possible means without putting a dent on your wallet.

One of the fans about upcoming EPs stated We always look up to Marcoof500 for some of the best hip-hop and rap. He is an emerging youngster full of energy and we all are excited for the release of these EPs. All the fans are certain that this collaboration is going to result in something truly mesmerizing for hip-hop fans.

Fans are expecting the same quality of hip-hop music from these up-coming EPs as 500 Entertainment LLC has been releasing in past. However, with this big move 500 Entertainment LLC is certainly going to be one of the most popular hip-hop studios in Virginia. It is being stated that this move is going to step-up the game for 500 Entertainment LLC.

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