AAUW holds last book sale

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It’s the end for a long-lasting yearly book deal.

The American Association of University Women, helped by Friends of the Oskaloosa Public Library, are holding a last book deal this end of the week.

Bryan Johnson, President of the Friends of Oskaloosa Public Library said the quantity of donated books has dwindled over ongoing years. Volunteers worked Wednesday to convey, set out and sort out the still-huge stock of books – all donated from the community.

“This year, we had about six pallets; in years past, we had about 16-17 pallets stacked pretty high,” he said. “Yesterday, a lot of people brought books in. One gentleman brought in 20 boxes of books, a couple others bring four or five, a carload here, a dolly-full there, so we did get more books than we were planning on.”

After SHARE Iowa shut before in the year, Johnson stated, the group had no place to store and sort books.

“The biggest thing they did to help us was when people brought the books in,” he said, “they put it back in there for us and gave us a room to sort the books all summer long on a Saturday from probably 8 to about 9:30 in the morning.”

At the point when the facility shut, the group asked around the community.

“[We] asked a bunch of people. There’s a lot of liability, other things. We did our due diligence, trying to find another suitable host for us,” he said. “And not finding one at the time, it got to the point where we’ve got to make some hard decisions. So we decided this would be the last one.”

There may be less books to begin with in earlier years, Johnson stated, however the deal is by all accounts going great”

“There’s a lot less books than there were yesterday. As you look around, there’s still a lot of books here. In years past, we would have books underneath the tables, and obviously, all around the bricks, stuff like that,” he said. “We do have less books but so far so good.”

Johnson didn’t check out an opportunity the book deal could return later on.

“There’s always a chance. Obviously, at the library, people still read their Kindles, there’s other electronic books,” he said, “but people really like to hold onto that book. I don’t see that the hardbacks are ever going to leave and I think there is an opportunity for other groups in the future to put this thing together. All the books are donated, it’s not like we bought the books or anything like that.”

Johnson expressed gratitude for the help of the community throughout the years.

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