Andrew Fashion – Tenacity Meets Entrepreneurship

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It is rare for someone these days to create several successful businesses.  Andrew Thompson, going by his stage name Andrew Fashion, has successfully started, run and closed over 25 businesses since the 6th grade.  He has also been a millionaire – several times over.

His business acumen started in the 6th grade selling soft drinks and shooter pens.  He later started another business while in high school, IS2S, I Skate 2 Skate, with t-shirts, boards, and even a sponsored team.

Along the way, Fashion picked up coding and programming.  He started with the early languages like BASIC before moving to HTML.  He also became a huge user of the early social media platform Myspace.  

Myspace was boring and uninteresting.  There was no way to personalize pages.  Fashion built the first-ever Myspace editor –

The website made him a millionaire virtually overnight.  All was gone in two years’ time.

He moved to Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency so popular with underground websites.  He took an investment of $10,000.00 and rolled it into 3 million.  This, too, was gone in short order.

His interest in Bitcoin faded, and he began looking into the newest technology to hit computing – apps.  An avid fan of Macintosh systems, he quickly mastered Swift, Apple’s programming language.  He and a fellow coding enthusiast created an app, Evolve, with backing from Instagram influencer Sommer Ray.

He raised 1.7 million dollars for the app before walking away from it all with nothing.

His current passion is a travel app.  The app is going to change the way people adventure on vacation, allow friends to join with ease and complete quests.  All this to do one very simple task – build memories that will last a very long time.

Fashion is a high school dropout.  He was a millionaire the first time at age 18.  You can learn more about his life at his website,  A book, much more carefully detailed than his life, is in discussion with another member of his app team. If you want to learn more visit Gypsee.

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