BCCI under NADA-a hollow victory!

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After a long-drawn battle with the government that continued for over a decade, BCCI has finally come under the ambit of NADA—a development the Sports Ministry is patting itself on the back. However, despite all the revelry within the government, it might still be a hollow victory.

The weekly talk-show on Power Sportz, India’s maiden digital sports channel, discussed at length about the whole issue. “Talking Turkey with Kanthi”, the show hosted by Kanthi D. Suresh, who is also the Editor-in-chief of Power Sportz, downplays any big achievement by the government.

Considering the fact that NDTL has been suspended by WADA for six months, NADA is no longer in a position to test samples of cricketers. The samples of athletes will have to be sent to overseas laboratories which are accredited by WADA. The whole process is a money-guzzling mechanism. To make matter worse, NADA is short of funds to send samples abroad.

Meanwhile, BCCI has also put its foot down, saying that it won’t spend money on testing cricketers. That means, the whole situation has come to a naught. BCCI would continue to enjoy the impunity like before. Any erring cricketer would go scot-free in the country. The whereabouts clause would also be nullified under the circumstance.  Hence, this “BCCI under NADA” is a farce for now. It also raises doubts on whether this sudden suspension was managed by some powers that be!

Check out the video of the discussion,

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