Best Women’s Shoes Tips – How to Choose the Right High Heels

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Dressing well can boost your next business meeting or professional endeavour. Your appearance reflects your personality. You will need the proper combination of clothes and shoes in order to look confident. Dressing well includes choosing the right shoes with the right attitude.

Choosing the right shoes for the right environment may somehow be challenging. It would take extra effort if you’re not so familiar with the latest trends and collections. As an expert in fashion, I would suggest you to look for the basics first. Don’t run after latest trends and fashion. Fashion is something that makes an individual stand out as unique. Let’s go through the basics before you buy the next pair of shoes.


The most important factor towards dressing well is choosing the comfortable piece of clothes and shoes. You can never be confident when you feel discomfort. Here are some key points to note before looking for the best comfort from your shoes:

  • Find the best amount of cushioning that suits you. There are fabric and synthetic shoes. These are pretty comfortable for long time usage.
  • Make sure the shoe you’re choosing fits your foot perfectly. Don’t buy something with a loose or tight fit. Look for something that has the perfect fit and lets you have the highest level of comfort.
  • The shoe that’s perfect for you should come with a perfect width that matches your feet.


A good suggestion would be to avoid wearing heels on daily endeavours. Wearing heel for a long time can affect your health and provide discomfort. Choose slippers over heels for daily usage. But, if you need to use heels for long terms, choose kitten heels that are 2-inches tall. These will keep your legs at a comfortable situation.


There are certain details that you should keep in mind while buying a pair of shoes:

  • Don’t choose shoes with pointed ends. These shoes can cause crams.
  • Look for materials that are high quality.
  • The bending of the shoe should be at the ball of your foot.
  • Inner sole should have extra pads for comfort.
  • The mid-sole of the shoe must be a little firm and durable.


There are unlimited types of designer shoes out there in the market. Not all of them are suitable for you. Let’s learn about what you need to avoid while buying a designer shoe:

  • Shoes with straps should be avoided as they can cause extra pain to your feet.
  • Avoid using glittery shoes while going to work. It easily decreases the viewers concept over you.
  • Shoes with too thick posture should not be worn on regular basis.
  • Open sandals are only for beaches and in-house usage. Don’t wear them in the sunlight.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right shoes is somehow confusing. There are literally thousands of brands out there who are promising to provide the best quality. But, are they providing up to their promise? Well, here’s a site that has a huge collection of shoes with thousands of user reviews. Check it out!  FemmeFashionista

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