‘Book Fairy’ gives books to students in Westby

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Books can open new worlds for readers everything being equal.

A couple of staff individuals in the Westby Area School District are opening up a great deal of worlds.

Two staff members spent the past summer raising money for the ‘Book Fairy’ reading program.

It causes it feasible for each child from multi year old kindergarten to up to fourth grade will get another book every month all through the school year.

“I have some students that have told me they don’t have any books at home, so I think it’s just nice for them to have another book, besides the library books that we send home randomly. I’d love for them to be able to read to their younger siblings or even their older siblings, because if their younger siblings see them reading they think it’s cool, and they might want to try reading to,” said Jessica Lambert, Book Fairy author.

2,700 books will be conveyed to students.

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