brydell cocky

brydell cocky

Brydell Cocky, Musician, Philanthropist, Social Media Influencer Reaches Milestone Achievements

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Fayetteville, NC, USA –  Brydell Cocky a reputable and professional musician is on an incredible run of form late and things have only gotten better for the celebrated musician and social media influencer whose music and lifestyle has redefined the belief of the Americans.

It has been an amazing year so far for Brydell Cocky, as his fan base has increased significantly. The ever-changing celebrity-brand landscape continues to evolve overtime and Brydell Cocky seems not to be left out in helping to shape the US entertainment industry to be amongst the giant in the world today. Just in the past ten years, we have seen an added dimension of endorsers, from athletes, models and actors to now chefs and social stars. Brydell’s portfolio is second to none, a de facto of professional standard.

Brydell Cocky with real name LaQuan Wilson is one of the new breed of internet personalities, who has built up a celebrity status due to his internet activities and his soulful songs. He has already gained over 200K subscribers on his Youtube channel. His Instagram and Youtube channel where he showcases his funny contents has become a subject of discussion in the press today.

Brydell is poised to become the next A-list influencer in the world of social media. Following the SocialBlade statistics of @brydellcocky subscribers on Youtube, one can tell that the current growth rate is very promising and wouldn’t be surprised if the follow-count will double in the next couple of weeks. The feed style is just something totally different than the usual and it’s very obvious to a lot of people. Hopefully Brydell will maintain this style and keeps uploading on a consistent basis, something that is one of the key-factors of gaining more fans.

In a recent press release statement he said “My passion in life is to be the best, as I possibly can in the entertainment industry, thereby becoming a better version of myself as every day goes by. As time goes by we grow older and can never gain that loss of time back, so I intend to make every moment count”. “I believe in hard work and I hope one day I will get to inspire and change the world as much as I can” he continued.

Brydell Cocky posts a lot of funny videos on his Youtube channel from his day-to-day life, giving his followers a good idea of what it’s like to be him, although there are already some impersonation accounts, people that are trying to piggy-back on his success. Coupled with drive and passion Brydell is unstoppable. For bookings visit [email protected] To listen to Brydell Cocky music click

About Brydell Cocky

LaQuan Wilson, better known as Brydell Cocky was born on July 2nd, 1994. He is a social media influencer and music artist from Fayetteville, NC, also known as Fayettenam or 2-6.  He graduated from college twice receiving his Graphic Design and Business degree. He has various talents which consist of him writing his own lyrics, producing, videography, photography, and creating laughable content. In 2015, He moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Fayetteville Technical Community College. Within two months, he worked his way into the music industry becoming an intern at Motown Records at Capitol in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He was an Intern editor for 8 months working with different artists, and brands.

Throughout the years of his career, Brydell has always been connected to music, writing songs, producing beats, learning how to engineer, and taking notes in study session with some of the best artists in the industry. He worked with a major producer named “CashMoneyAP”. He’s passed on many deals to stay true to himself by being independent and growing a valuable brand.

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