Charles Barkley apologizes after telling a reporter he’d like to hit her

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Following a report, it has been revealed that Charles Barkley, the former TNT analyst and NBA player said sorry to the reporter. She is the same reporter whom he said “he would hit her if he was the guy who hits women.” The conversation began as political discussion however the discussion led to an interesting turn.

The journalist reportedly asked the former player about which candidate he supports. Alexi McCammond is reporting on 2020 presidential election for the company at this point in time. Axios and the reporter made use of her social media platform i.e. Twitter to tweet about the incident under question.

McCammond had a conversation with the former basketball player. He told her that he was supporting Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts. He started his campaign few days back. The tweet was as follows:

“Just FYI Charles Barkley told me tonight, I don’t hit women but if I did I would hit you, and then when I objected to that he told me, I couldn’t take a joke.”

Following the Twitter post there remains no question that she didn’t like the joke. After she was upset, the player told her she couldn’t take a joke. She continued on citing stats related to women abuse.

In a statement to news, Charles rescinded on the comment where he stated that, they were not funny and those words were unacceptable and inappropriate. On Twitter, the player added that threatening people and violence has never been funny.

In Tweet, McCammond also added that it perpetuated a “culture of misogyny.” Coincident is that this is not the first time where Barkley talked and joked about domestic violence.

Domestic violence is no doubt a sensitive topic that needs to be well dealt. Fans follow celebrities and hence celebrity news showing serious topic in a non-serious manner is alarming indeed. Same has been felt in this case where Barkley has joked about domestic violence. It did not happen once but he has been found giving such statements again and again.

In a campaign for Nike back in 1993, he declared: “I am not role model.”

He further said, “I am paid to wreak havoc on a basketball court,Parents should be role models. Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.

He once said that, “They dropped the ball on this domestic violence thing, I am very disappointed in [NFL commissioner] Roger Goodell and [NFLPA executive director] DeMaurice Smith. What they should have done is very simple: The first time you hit a woman, you get suspended. You let the legal process play out but you are suspended. The second time you hit a woman you are banned for life.

This is why he has been criticized for joking around about the domestic violence earlier as well. One has been reported to happen in 1990. After one of his games, he joked that basketball is a kind of game where if and when you lose, you will just go home and beat up your wife and kids. He further joked with reporters that his wife was excitingly jumping up and down at the end of the game because she knew I wasn’t going to beat her on reaching home.

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