Christian Bale Reveals That His Grandmother-In-Law’s First Movie To Watch Of His Was American Psycho

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No doubt Christian Bale is referred to as one of the best actors of his generation, however, his acting capabilities did not turn to create the best first impression among his in-laws.

The actor shared the same with his Ford V Ferrari costar (Matt Damon) about their family’s favorite films. Bale shared that his first experience with one of his in-laws was to watch one of his most complicated, semi-naked and violent performances. Christian Bale Reveals That His Grandmother-In-Law’s First Movie To Watch Of His Was American Psycho. He stated that “When I first got married [to wife Sibi], her grandma said, ‘So he’s an actor?’ ‘Yeah,’ she says. ‘Has he done anything? ‘Yeah, he did a film, it’s called American Psycho,’ ” he recalled. “So Sibi’s mom took her a copy of American Psycho.”

“Oh, no,” Damon said with a look of horror on his face. “Oh my God.”

He also shared that, “Sibi’s mom hadn’t realized quite how many inappropriate moments there might be,” Bale remembered with a smile. “And so the first inappropriate moment started and she just pressed fast-forward. Sibi’s grandma didn’t realize that that was not part of the film. She just thought it was some stylistic thing that went by in very quick moments. And then [Sibi’s mom] realized that almost the entire film is inappropriate. They got through it in 15 minutes

In a thriller that was aired back in the year 2000, Bale played an intense, mentally unhinged, and high strung character named as Patrick Bateman. It was not a big success at the box office at the time when it was released, however, had a cult following and ended up acclaiming for his terrifying performance.

Bale further continued and said, “They finish the film, to which she looked [at her daughter] and she went, ‘Well, he’s not a proper actor, is he? That was about 15 minutes long that film. Well, anyway, fingers crossed he’ll start doing better in the future.

While laughing he said, “There’s probably many people would agree with her assessment on that.”

Latest film of Bale, Ford V Ferrari is opposite to the earlier one. It is more of a family friendly movie revolving around the story of how the Ford Motor took on their rival Ferrari at 24 hour Les Mans race back in year 1959. He said, “I’m so bloody proud to be a part of this, there are not many movies like this any longer,” Bale said of the film, in which he plays legendary driver Ken Miles. “It’s the closest you will ever get to being in a race car without being in a race car.”

He further shared that, “It’s definitely better in a movie theater than on your phone.”

Ford v Ferrari is in theatres now. You may go and grab a ticket to watch it. Then again, knowing the fact that he could not impress his in-laws with his acting skills is something unbelievable and one can only laugh about which movie was the first one to be seen by his in-laws.

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