Craig Davis Donates To St. Jude Cancer Institute

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Craig Davis known as (CeoGamble) discusses donating an undisclosed amount to St. Jude Cancer institute and helping the less fortunate:

“When I look at charities and foundations along with people who are less fortunate it’s imperative to give a hand and do what I can to impact someone’s life especially the youth.

In 2019 we have been apart of several events directed towards helping ones in need, we are especially looking forward to Turkey drives for Thanksgiving and Toy giveaways for Christmas.

When it comes to looking at different charities I’m very picky because nowadays you truly don’t know where your money is going to or if someone in need will even benefit from it.

I strongly encourage people to donate to the St. Jude foundation because they’re the first and only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children. 

To me, life is all about the future. Life is all about our children and the advancement and development of their technology; medicine and careers. St. Jude does such an amazing job ensuring every child is treated with no cost what so ever.

Allocating the donations they get is not only going to the treatment of these children but the research and ongoing advancement of technology of young students in college and beyond.

As I do donate to many different organizations and programs St. Jude without question is my number one favorite simply because what they’re doing over there is exceptional and absolutely beautiful.

Putting their all into the youth and just giving anyone going through a hardship like cancer a chance and treating them with the respect they deserve truly goes a long way and In my opinion a true resemblance of Patriotism and what America needs to be more of”

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