Dhanasekar Sakthivel

Dhanasekar Sakthivel

Dhanasekar Sakthivel knows How to Workout to become an Aesthetic Athlete Bodybuilder

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Bodybuilding has two types one regular and the other is an aesthetic body. Out of two aesthetic body is tough to achieve as it requires hours of hard work and patience with a passion for continually working to make best body.

To get an aesthetic body, you have to understand the basics of it and then start working on it else you will struggle to get a good shape.

Dhanasekar Sakthivel, who is India’s leading bodybuilder athlete, his names comes in top bodybuilders with the aesthetic body. He knows how much fat should be there in the male body to get the exact aesthetic body.

So let’s see what Dhanasekar Sakthivel do to maintain the beautiful aesthetic body.

He lifts heavy: The main reason he is making perfect athlete body because he lifts some heavyweights in the gym on a regular basis some time twice in a day to get the sharp looks. He knows he has to push the bar of heavyweights to get bigger shape. According to him, you have to come out of the comfort zone to get an aesthetic body. He does an excellent workout with the right number of sets and reps.

Proper Exercise: He knows there are lots of machines in the gym, but he feels you have to plan your exercise to get every part of the body in shape. He feels compound exercise gives you flexibility, and you can lift more weights. He knows how to do chest exercises, pull-ups, biceps, triceps, legs and shoulders. He feels compound exercise can help you reduce weight too.

Cardio: Dhanasekar Sakthivel feels you have to keep your body fat percentage low to build muscles. According to Dhanasekar cardio exercise helps you lose fat. Sprints, running, stairs running, and boxing will burn the most amount of calories of your body.

Dhanasekar feels right exercise can only give you the right body. Yes, you have to control your diet too, and you cannot compromise in that also. Dhanasekar Sakthivel says you cannot achieve these things overnight as it needs at least two years of training to get the aesthetic body.

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