clinton misquitta

clinton misquitta

Digital Marketing Specialist Clinton Misquitta and How He is Making a Mark in Kuwait

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Clinton Misquitta is a digital marketing specialist from Kuwait. He works at Lyka Creations, the company responsible for one of the most visited English news media sites in Kuwait, namely Kwt Today. Clinton Misquitta single handedly built up Kwt Today from scratch, and now thousands of people from Kuwait as well as India visit the site on a regular basis.

Clinton has also dabbled in the lifestyle blogging scene and is an avid influencer on Instagram. His Instagram page currently has more than 11 thousand followers, and it is growing rapidly. Pretty soon his Instagram page will hit the milestone of 15 thousand followers. For someone who lives in a Middle Eastern country that has a population of roughly 4.5 million people, that in itself is a significant achievement. Clinton Misquitta has been a digital marketer for many years now, and he has successfully promoted many businesses that are based in Kuwait as well as India.

Clinton Misquitta’s parents immigrated to Kuwait, where he was born and raised. Much like many of the Indian immigrants in Kuwait, he is a highly passionate and driven individual. After successfully creating Kwt Today, he is now focusing on his next big project as well as bring about a positive change to the youth of his country. All his content is geared towards positivity and he regularly features inspirational content in his social media pages. He has truly mastered the art of marketing on the digital platform, and his Kwt Today currently enjoys almost 80% traffic from social networking sites. It wasn’t all this rosy for Clinton Misquitta initially. He had to work hard and toil under challenging circumstances to bring visitors to his news media site in the early days. Kwt Today was created in early 2014, and it initially lacked the necessary traffic to make it a sustainable venture for Clinton Misquitta. But through his years of hard work and dedication, he has managed to bring about a sizeable audience to his news media site, and most of the visitors are young and belong to the countries of Kuwait and India. Currently the site employs 20 permanent employees and has its head offices in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai.

He has used his massive wealth of experience in the digital marketing world to his advantage, and is now focused on creating his next big personal project that will be able to propel him further towards success. As the internet community in Kuwait is very small currently, he is a very noticeable figure in that community, and he continues to inspire countless other immigrants and the youths of Kuwait to take up a career in the digital marketing world.

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