Does Jughead die in Riverdale season 4? Is Cole Sprouse leaving?

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Wednesday’s episode of Riverdale was perhaps one of the most shocking to date, with a haunting flash-forward seeming to depict Jughead Jones’ (played by Cole spouse) death. Jughead and Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) were just getting back on track after he was kidnapped by his new friends at Stonewall Prep and locked in a coffin as a hazing ritual. However, the scene then cut to show what seemed like his dead body for real.

The character’s death has been teased by showrunners since the flash-forwards in the season three finale, which saw the group of four burning his beanie hat and vowing to never speak of the unknown events of that night.

However, the scene seemed fairly convincing as Betty and FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich) are seen at Riverdale Coroner’s office, ready to identify the body.

The chilling scene saw both Betty and FP looking incredibly distressed as a sheet is lifted off of a body to reveal Jughead’s face.

But is he really dead?

Riverdale season 4: Is Jughead really dead? (Image: NETFLIX)

Marvin Matyka is the film editor for Riverdale and has written a tweet.

In an interview with Green Matters, Betty Cooper star Lili Reinhart opened up about the many deaths that have rocked the town and she seemed to drop a huge hint about Jughead’s fate.

The actress spoke out about one of her character’s most recent FBI showdowns which left the villainous Edgar Evernever (Chad Michael Murray) dead.

However, she seemed to drop clues about more than one character, teasing “No one’s ever actually dead on Riverdale”.

Lili began: “Well, he died in this last episode of this current season, so it’s a very recent loss, but I think we kind of say, no one’s ever actually dead on Riverdale.”

Riverdale season 4: Could Betty be the one to save Jughead? (Image: THE CW)

Moreover, she seemed to be referencing Jughead’s earlier mishap which left him trapped underground by his prep school peers.

Lili added: “Even when you’re buried in the ground, you can still come back. So, there’s always a chance that he will come back.”

Could this be a hint that Jughead isn’t really dead? Notably, this seems to be the only flashforward in the series that never gave away the time frame.

With his death revealed so early on in the season, it seems unlikely a member of the core four is really dead.


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