faberge egg

faberge egg

Faberge eggs and the Russian History of it

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One of the most interesting and world-famous treasures of the cultural and historical heritage of Russia is the well-known Faberge eggs created by a brilliant jeweler and named after him. The history of famous jewelry works began in 1885 when Karl Faberge made an unusual detachable pure gold Easter egg with a surprise inside on the order of Emperor Alexandre III. The Emperor presented this gift to his wife on Easter, and subsequently, such orders were carried out for the palace every year. So the famous collection of Faberge eggs was born. The first Faberge egg of 1885 was made by master Mikhail Perkin.

Each of the Easter eggs that came out of the jeweler’s workshop and was presented as a gift to the royal people was executed with the highest care, painstaking and admirable accuracy of detail. Creating drawings and ideas for embodiment, Carl Faberge turned to the historical and cultural values ​​of our country, using all the resources of his creative imagination.

Souvenir eggs-boxes presented in our catalogs:

  • made by master jewelers of St. Petersburg from high quality brass;
  • covered with cold enamel, decorated with rhinestones and other modern decor;
  • with the accuracy to the smallest detail repeat the originals;
  • are souvenirs of high artistic value and can serve as a wonderful gift.

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