Family art venture in plain view in Stratford

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It is the first appearance of unique artwork from the Asante Ewers family of Stratford. It is free and open to the public.

Asante and Sheniqua Ewers met at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York. Asante is an artist and Sheniqua is a graphic artist. One day their eyes secured in the computer lab and they smiled at one another in passing. One of their friends saw the flash and chose to do something about it. Much to their dismay that, that friend’s one activity of trading their numbers to one another would make a relationship that has lasted 20 years and delivered another imaginative person all the while. Their daughter Zuri Ewers is a picture taker at 12 years old.

Each daughter with their very own gift the Ewers chose to make a family business. AZS Art Studio shows each control of this African American family in their very own one of a kind way. Asante’s outlines have a technique normal stream as they works with his signature medium, watercolor.

Every portrayal demonstrates his versatility to adjust to various subjects from portraits that seem as though they could talk with them or the landscapes that outwardly move. Sheniqua’s graphic projects don’t really embody her style, yet her subject. The subject could easily compare to the graphic artist. She endeavors to bring her client’s view in their mind and offer it with the world. Zuri had an eye for photography ahead of schedule as a little child. At 12 years old now she gets a kick out of the chance to be off camera taking unrehearsed shots of common settings, images and in action poses. Her photography has an imprint all her own. A modern family with these consolidated gifts promises a striking display for the Stratford Library.

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