Diamond Casino And Resort

Diamond Casino And Resort

Grand Theft Auto V Online’s Diamond Casino And Resort Release Date announced by Rockstar

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Rockstar Games recently announced that a luxury casino will be added to GTA V Online. And now the wait is over, they’ve finally announced when it’ll be added to the game’s online world.

Diamond Casino and Resort is the new addition to Grand Theft Auto Online which will become available on July 23.

Adding such features to the game mean that there will be some new characters and storylines added, much like last year’s update to Grand Theft Auto Online, which introduced characters and storylines of nightclubs to the mode. With this new addition, gamers will now be able to play on slot machines, they will have the ability to place bets on horse races, and, it goes without saying the poker machines.

It’s been more than six years since Rockstar launched Grand Theft Auto Online but the mode’s fanbase is still active and keeps growing by the day. According to the figures released by Rockstar, as of May of this year, it has sold roughly 110 million units worldwide. They will keep supporting the online game and its safe to assume that they’ll continue the support until either there is no one to play, or they have an entirely new installment of the game ready to be released.

There is a slight possibility that Rockstar might actually stop the support of the GTA online as it would be not wrong to assume that next-gen consoles are overtaking the market and it becomes pointless to support a game which is from old age. Don’t get me wrong this could actually be a piece of good news. We might see Rockstar releasing a brand new Grand Theft Auto at some point in 2021 at the very earliest.

There are some speculations surrounding the GTA 6 if at all there will be a GTA 6. The most notable rumor is that there will be a female protagonist. But, Rockstar hasn’t confirmed anything regarding the female protagonist or the next Grand Theft Auto title as a whole. But, looking at the massive success of the series’ fifth installment, it’s almost a guarantee that the sixth game will be released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Many things are expected by the community, like we could see a return to Vice City in the next Grand Theft Auto game, as it’s been a long time since Rockstar has developed a game that was set in their fictional version of Miami, Flordia which is arguably the most popular location in the series.

But for now, the only new GTA-related content is the Diamond Casino and Resort, which, as previously mentioned, will be added on July 23.

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