How 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Dalip Celbeqiri is Helping Brands Drive Viewers & Engagement

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By Establishing credibility, relevance, & accessibility which are some of the most important ways in which brands drive growth, entrepreneurs today have to ensure their strategies are calculated and responsive to ensure the survival of their brand. Dalip Celbeqiri is one of the few successful entrepreneurs who helps brands rise above the clutter and establish themselves as strong players within their niche.

The 24 year old is an internationally recognized Social video specialist, and his expertise on marketing & related topics is sought by some of the biggest media outlets in the world.

With technology integrated so deeply into the lives of consumers, it is essential for brands to be online as well. Digital marketing serves as an easier way for brands to tell their stories and bring them to life on an online platform and that is what  Dalip’s most prominent venture, DIY Simple, is all about.

Dalip Celbeqiri can be reached on Facebook and Instagram

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