Iceman Mike Is Bringing His Bling To The Masses

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With regards to top-level gems, Iceman Mike is one of the most perfectly awesome in the game. Coming straight out of Houston, TX, the gem-based business has taken out ageless pieces for competitors like Allen Iverson and Draymond Green to recording specialists like The Weeknd and Yungeen Ace. His pieces extend from the extraordinary (ie. huge, precious stone secured logos and Jesus pieces) to exceptionally, overhauled renditions of your preferred rings and watches. As he’s enormous in Hip-Hop (more than anyplace else), you can wager that he realizes how to transform your grin into a six-figure flame broil.

You can make a beeline for his site to look at a portion of his most-prized manifestations, just as – in the event that you have the pockets for it – lock in on a pleasant, customized bit of adornments yourself. On the off chance that it don’t hit, you can bet it ain’t by Mike.

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