Jennifer Lopez played the long game to the Super Bowl

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When Jennifer Lopez was growing up, the holidays were about Spanish music.

At her home in the Bronx, her mom’s melodic inclinations ruled, and youthful Lopez wasn’t excessively happy at that point.

“We hated it,” Lopez said in an interview with People in 2017. “We wanted to hear what was cool at the time.”

It’s an encounter had by many, regardless of whether you are one of five generations expelled from your foreigner roots. On the off chance that the crucial a child is to assimilate to the culture around you, you will attempt to do only that regardless of whether the expense is turning a surly eye to the music or sound of your people.

What changes, as grown-ups, in case you’re fortunate, is that your past and your culture come into focus, as it eventually accomplished for Lopez.

“I remember coming out to Hollywood and starting and everybody seeing me being Latina as something that was going to be a hindrance in a way,” she recalled in the 2015 documentary “The Latin Explosion: A New America.”

She chose, rather: “That’s going to be my strength.”

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