Kristen Bell Reveals How She And Dax Shepard Went From No Sparks To Madly In Love

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Kristen Bell shared with everyone how the couple has fallen in deep love with each other. She and her husband, Dax Shepard are known to be one of the cutest couples of these times. She says that it was not a love at first sight for them and many people now call it to be the relational goals.

In one of her candid interviews, Bell admitted to the fact that there was no romantic connection between her and her husband at their first meeting.

She explained, “Forgetting producer Sarah Marshall, Shauna Robertson, the former production partner of Judd Apatow, hosted a birthday dinner. For example, 10 people, maybe less, in a sushi restaurant. And I had just come out of a long-term relationship two months ago. And in retrospect, I realize that Dax had just come out of a long relationship. We were sitting at a table. The only thing I remember is that he talked so much”.

The Frozen 2 star continued to talk about the talkative side of his dad. Anyone listening to their podcast will exactly know what the blonde beauty has been referring to. Shepard is talkative while Bell admitted that in their initial meeting she has no idea who Shepard was. To an extent, that at one point in time she thought that he was one of the parts of the Jackass because of his attitude and behavior.

She was not at all impressed by him. She was shocked to see him at a hockey game afterwards and that was where the flirting begins. The actress also admitted to the fact that there second meeting was fun, intriguing and more seductive. However what made her mind was a risky and bold text that Shepard sent her. It said, “Hello, my name is Dax. I violated your privacy and got your Shauna number. What do you think about this?

The mother of two responded to the text saying, “And I was like, excuse me? You seem stimulating”.

Shepard’s decision was risky indeed if it could have turned out to be bad. On the other hand Bell was anything but to be angry. She actually felt butterflied cutting off in the beginning of their love story. The star also admitted that she fell in love with her husband long before he was in love with her.

Kristen Bell clearly shared that there had been no connection between her and her husband Shepard in their first meeting. The credit goes to a bold text sent to Bell by Shepard that sparked the couple to be in madly loved with each other. Now this is that they have been together for 13 years, tied the knot for 6 years and have two beautiful girls together.

Kristen Bell Reveals How She And Dax Shepard Went From No Sparks To Madly In Love and this gives us a lesson.  The lesson is that it does not happen that if love does not happen at first sight, it does not mean that love will not happen ever. People need to give a chance to the situations.

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