Making a song with American Rapper D.Beezy

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D.Beezy goes over his process and approach to coming up with and recording a hit song. [article description]

When it comes to making a hit song, every artist has a totally different approach and process. Not every artist is going to be the exact same while some may have some similarities in comparison. Today we will take an in-depth look at how American Rapper and Recording Artist D.Beezy produces a hit song.


“First things first, you have got to have a fire beat! It’s got to be catchy for sure because you want the listener to be engaged. You don’t have to have a super complex beat with the way hits are made now days so when I make the actual beat myself, which I just started producing some as of recently, I like to make sure the percussion of the beat stands out with dope 808 patterns and complex hi-hat patterns. You always got to have the percussion on point with cymbals, crashes and some percs as well. There is no right or wrong way. You do what you like and what sounds good to you. That’s what makes your sound yours! From there I like to come up with the melody. I may have a certain vibe in mind, but I may also just be making a beat to make one. All that factors in when I make my beats. You can never go wrong with some piano keys or a nice pluck sound to start things off and then you can add some Leads or Pads to it to really feel out the beat. Once I get the beat laid out in the format of which I need it as far as Hook and verse placement with an intro and outro. Then It’s time to get to work on the lyrics.

When it comes to writing lyrics, a lot of things factor in for me. Again, it all depends on my mood and the vibe I am going for. Sometimes I already have pre-wrote lyrics that just come to be, and I write them down. In that sense, I build a beat around it from there. If I’m just starting off with a fresh beat and a empty canvas lyrically, that’s when my gears start turning. A lot of the times If I’m picking through beats, I will just try to freestyle a hook based on what the beat is named and if it hits, it hits and that’s what I run with. Then from there I structure my verses around the bases of the hook. My 3 best tips when it comes to writing lyrics are: Set up, Metaphor, punchline. You can’t go wrong with that formula.

Once I get the lyrics formatted how I want them, and I feel they are perfect and exactly how I want them. That’s when I begin the recording process. I generally like to lay down the Hook (Chorus) first because that sets the tone for the rest of the song. I don’t want to give out my secrets but I generally with triple my vocals recording the same thing 3 times panning one left, one right and having a center vocal. That could be either harmonizing or just recording 3 vocals to thicken up that part of the song. From there I lay down my verses and adding ad libs after the fact where I see fit. I mix my vocals down as I go so during playback, I can get an accurate representation of how its going to sound once I master the final product. Once I get it the way I want it, I render the final song for listening across multiple devices and make any adjustments needed before mastering the final song. After all that is finished and the song is recorded to my likings, I mix down the final song and bring it back in as a .WAV file for mastering.

I then create the artwork for the song, send it off to my distribution company where it is then distributed to multiple outlets where my fans stream music. Sometimes we shoot a video before, but often we wait to see how the song does and record a video upon demand. That’s how I go about my song recording process. I hope you guys enjoyed how I do things and maybe you can take something away from this yourself.”

There you have it. From making the beat to the final product. That’s how Recording Artist and American Rapper makes his songs. For tips and tricks, follow him on social media at:

Instagram: VFLBeezy

Twitter: VFLBeezy

Facebook: D.Beezy


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