Narada Rose

Meet the newest UK Artist representing Dancehall – Narada Rose aka Dertee

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Dertee born in St Andrew’s Jamaica now living in England has been grabbing the attention with his unique style, sound and performance on the social media platform. Having Youtube videos getting more than 1M views which signifies the growth of his popularity.

Dertee has struggled a lot, for him, music is life, and he cannot think beyond that. He is passionate about what he does and was determined to make a name for himself.

Dertee collaborated on a song with Bramma, called Bruk Life Don’t Fit We in 2018, and man YouTubers have loved this video, and it is coming in the list of most-viewed song and video this year by an artist.

From 2013 to 2019 this lad has grown a lot from street smart DJ to the now growing sensation who is loved by millions worldwide with his fast words the right music sense and style.

Dertee came into limelight with songs like “Calmly, fake people and now Bruk Life”. He won the hearts of the people with his song fight for survival which is viewed by millions. Its like Youtube is directly giving a number Million on his songs as every song is passing that number.

It is not like his songs are hitting top charts, Dertee’s songs are grabbing the first spot on U.K. iTunes charts, Reggae charts too.

Dertee is growing faster than most up and coming dancehall artist in the competition, every new song is creating new records, for him, music is not aboute name and money for him music is in his blood and he humble, he only wants to entertain as much as he can in his life.

His passion and love for performing has given him the deserving name worldwide. His fresh voice and style are a must watch out for music lovers. He is really a cool performer and indeed an international star who is going to make a strong statement at the international level with his singing and performances.

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