New TikTok challenge, trip your school companions, an announcement by Education Ministry

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The Education Ministry released an announcement on Wednesday encouraging educators to address the “Jumping Challenge” on the social media platform TikTok. The challenge is of three individuals jumping with the middle individual, who isn’t recounted this ahead of time, kicked to guarantee he falls flat on his or her back.

The hopping is filmed and placed on TikTok, making it an odd instance of borderline bullying and online shaming intended to be messed with as a trick.

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz said he taught teachers to embrace a zero-tolerance policy for this and other purported challenges.

Judoka Sagi Muka talked with Channel 12 news warning young people not to mistake accidental falls on an unpleasant floor with the kind of falls a trained athlete encounters on a mat.

TikTok star Gal Gahali, a teenage web influencer, was likewise interviewed and asked kids not to imitate such videos.

Israel marks National Safe Web Surfing Week from February 9 to Thursday under the theme of thinking ahead.

Classes on the Education Ministry’s website incorporate how to utilize digital tools as a major aspect of your duties and how to keep up privacy online.

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