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Old People Should Follow a Healthy Lifestyle – Says Ritika Gulati 

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Usually, people after retirement or once they are in their old age tend to ignore their health. They stop doing things, indulging in physical activities as they believe that in old age they should only take rest and do nothing, which is however, completely wrong.

Our today’s guest is a renowned Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialist, Ritika Gulati, who has even been featured in several news channels for her work that she does. She is one of the best fitness, nutrition & lifestyle specialists in the country, who works with all types of individuals from students to professionals, young to oldies and even celebrities. 

The only motive that she has as a Fitness & Nutrition Expert is – to find ways to help individuals have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy good health. Ritika said, “No matter what age you are in. It is essential to be physically active and follow a healthy lifestyle.” 

She further said, “At old age, our body starts to deteriorate and body organs do not function as they used to function at their prime. But if we maintain a regime, like eating healthy homemade food, which is less oily and spicy, doing some kind of physical activity like walking, basic yoga asanas, reading good books, playing with kids, etc. then it won’t be difficult to stay healthy even at old age.”

She even said that she recommends basic activities to her clients who are 60 and above in age. Further Ritika said, “If my clients follow my advice religiously, along with the medications *if any* prescribed by the doctor they will certainly feel a big-time change.”

And when we asked her advice for oldies on bed because of health issues she added, “its usually seen people tend to accept the way they are once they become immobile and to get them out of that situations family should equally participate to make them do basic activity/exercises suggested by their physician or else they can take the help of physiotherapist” 

Ritika also says that age is just a number!

Follow what the fitness and nutrition expert says and see how immensely your life will change even at old age! 

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