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Alex Jacob
Alex Jacob is a literature author. Alex was not interested in becoming a writer when he was a child, a fact which he himself admits that separates him from fellow writers he has met. As a young adult, Alex did not know what he wanted to be. He remembered, however, how in high school, he had been a class clown, and that made him decide to become a books writer. Later on, he moves toward the writing news articles. In recent he writes his news on Fab World Today.
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez was born in Chicago. She worked as a journalist and was active in promoting social reforms including the ending of child labor. Her passion is writing news articles. She writes number of articles and published it on fabworldtoday.com.
Rita Carvalio
Rita Carvalio was born and spent most of her life at US, the city that forms the background against which most of her stories take place. Known for her avid interest in art and culture, she and her family occasionally took trips overseas to study the art later mentioned in her stories. She writes news as well. Now she is onboard with fabworldtoday.com.
Zack Martin
Zack Martin is best known as an author. He wrote number of books as well as news articles. He is a teacher of high school but his hobby is writing. Because of that he writes books and news articles side by side. In recent months, He is on board with fabworldtoday.com as a free lance writer.