Power Sportz exposes another sports scam; Kanthi D Suresh continues investigative journalism

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Another big ‘KHULASA’ which will give you Goosebumps by none other than the Lady Singham, Ms. Kanthi D Suresh. Yeah, you may find it a tad weird when we call her lady Singham, but the way she does her work look like some heroic act and that’s what make her call Lady Singham. 

Well, let’s move to the topic. And the topic is – Ms. Kanthi has once again exposed sports federation for issuing forged certificates to candidates seeking admission in various colleges and universities and recruitment in public departments.

We all know how a sports certificate plays an important role in an admission in a renowned university.  You must be aware that every university and the public department has a separate quota for the candidates from sports background, and they get some relaxation upon presenting sports certificates at the time of their admission or interview.

So, that’s the whole episode that has come in front, actually it didn’t come in front by itself. Ms. Kanthi along with her team has executed a sting operation on the people from sports federation involved in the issuance of fake certificates to the people for getting admissions and recruitments to permanent jobs. 

You will be shocked to hear the telephone conversation that held between the person from a sports federation and a candidate seeking for fake certificates to get admission in DU and one for a permanent job. 

However, the scam is not new, it is happening for more than a decade now. What is new is the REVELATION, which no other sports channel did so far. Power Sportz is just a year and a half old, but still  has the courage to expose those who are ruining the sports culture in the country. 

The major and the most prominent participant in scam is Haryana Sports Federation, whose coaches are found involved in the scam. They have been issuing fake certificates for various Government jobs in group A & B Level in Haryana. Besides Haryana, there are other state sports federations involved in the scam.

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