Sean Borg Spotted Shopping at U.S Superstore Target in Palm Springs

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Sean Borg on a very moderately priced shopping spree at U.S Superstore Target. Pictures: The Mega Agency

Who says celebrities aren’t just like regular people? Some of them even shop at Target. From Liam Hemsworth and Ellen DeGeneres to Adele, Victoria Beckham, and even Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have all been snapped shopping at “Tar-Jay” — as the cool kids know it.

Sean Borg in Palm Springs. Pictures: The Mega Agency

Sean Borg was seen going on a very moderately priced shopping spree earlier this week spotted at the U.S superstore’s Palm Springs, location.

As any person who has stepped into a Target knows, while you may go in, for one thing, it can be quite a hectic shopping vortex. One might leave with a new television, instead of an evening meal.

Spotted at Target: Sean Borg loves a good Target run.

Regular people don’t have paparazzi following them while they push their shopping carts around. So, it’s nice to spot a bit of excitement knowing celebs are too frequenting the same stores that we all know and love.

While an eagle-eyed photographer spied on the entertainment personality turned-lifestyle and travel expert in one of the aisles as he strolled around, most of the fellow shoppers were unaware they had a celeb in their midst. Borg, too, appeared oblivious to the snapper that followed him as he shopped.

Healthy Kick? Target is known to have good produce at its stores.

The well-known former TMZ-turned-Trivago guy left his usual fancy attire at home for this particular trip, in favor of something a little more casual and down to earth.

Dressed in an electric blue hoodie and light gray leggings, sporting a pair of stylish Ray-Ban sunglasses, the fit-Brit’ still managed to look cool, in a white T-shirt with the late American 60s artist Andy Warhol’s face across its front. On his feet, he donned a pair of super-trendy Adidas ‘Stan Smith’ tennis shoes. He is thus proving, that even on a dressed-down day, Sean still had a unique style.

Who says celebrities aren’t like regular people? Target has everything under one roof.

As for his shopping list, we are not quite sure what he ended up buying, but he loomed around the produce section, picking up various fruits and veg. Perhaps on a health kick?

Recently, Sean admitted noticing he had piled on a few extra pounds during filming of a television commercial, saying: “When I saw myself on film for the first time in a long time, I thought to myself— what? I had to do something about it and fast. It’s easy to slack. So it was back to the gym for me, regularly.

No candy, no cakes. No more junk food of any kind, or wine. Which is so hard for me, as I like all that stuff,” he added.

Sean Borg loading up his Range Rover Evoque after a Target shop. Pictures: The Mega Agency

Palm Springs appears to be one of Borg’s favorite places to spend time, splitting his schedule between the desert and Los Angeles — a city, the expat has lived for most of his adult life. 

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