Things to do for Proper Male Hair Care

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Proper care of male hair can prevent baldness and dandruff, maintain the shine and softness of curls. The right selection of cosmetics should take into account the type, general condition of the hair and skin. Let’s see what the proper care for male hair is.

A healthy scalp is the key to strong and shiny hair. Men’s shampoo should be selected according to the type of hair, it is better to use a full line of cosmetics. Additional recommendations about how to wash your hair:

– the head should be washed regularly;

– avoid too cold or too hot water;

– washing hair, the scalp should be massaged to improve microcirculation;

– do not leave shampoo on hair roots, balm longer than indicated in the instructions.

During trips and at high workloads, men often use dry shampoo. Once a month this is permissible, but with frequent use it negatively affects the quality of hair, can even cause hair loss. Such a tool can provoke the appearance of dandruff, itching.

To reduce the frequency of hair loss and strengthen hair, you need to choose professional men’s cosmetics. It is easier to achieve the desired result than you believe. What experts advise:

– Men should wash their hair more often than once every two days;

– if you comb long curls with a palm, the roots of the strands are held;

– cheap products contain a lot of silicones, sulfates, low-quality components, which negatively affects the quality of hair;

– vitamins for men will also help to strengthen hair;

– you should consume more water, eat right and avoid stress.

You can take care of the scalp not only in the salon, but also at home. Masks, oils, ampoules and self-massage of the head will improve the quality of the strands. It is also important to choose the right shampoo for men.

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