Michelangelo Azzariti

Michelangelo Azzariti

Travel Blogger: Michelangelo Azzariti tells his story

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In addition to the passion for travel, what do you need to become a professional travel blogger? We asked Michelangelo Azzariti and here is what he advised us to transform a passion into a real job.

Live traveling and make your passion into a job. Telling places, recommending destinations, destinations and experiences, with a pen tip, but also with photos and videos. You’d like it? Easy. Just open a blog, find a catchy name, identify a niche, know how to write well and start sharing your life on the road with others. These are the foundations for becoming a Travel Blogger. But just a few posts, a few trips made to tell with exciting photos? No, sir, the work of Travel Bloggers is much more complicated and much more is needed to make it become a profession.

Michelangelo tells us: «I am not really a Travel Blogger because I don’t have a blog, but rather a” Travel influencer “since I mainly deal with social media. I am constantly looking to create travels and collaborations that allow me to express my art through my shots. I often collaborate with tourism agency, making the most of his blogging profession: «My first job was a promotion campaign in collaboration with 3 Hotels in Latvia. To which many others followed. They are digital marketing campaigns, where I am paid for the overall value that I am able to give to a destination: articles, visibility on social media, engagement, strengthening of brand awareness ».

Being a successful travel blogger means, of course, always being away from home, with all that goes with it. «When I work at full speed I happen to be at home only a few days a month – continues Michelangelo. «This means not having much time to devote to the people I love, nor time to dispose of jet lag, or responding to backward emails. And of course, I travel alone, so I have to manage independently even unexpected events, which are always around the corner. Then I spend a lot of my time organizing travel stops, taking notes, taking photos, replying to emails and comments. So yes, I am often with my head bowed on the smartphone ».

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