Warhorse Studios Releases Final Update Patch 1.9.4 For Kingdom Come Deliverance

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First version of the Warhorse Studios Kingdom Come Deliverance was released in February 2018 which is almost a couple of years back.The title of the game has undergone several updates that begin from the first week to the present day.

It was announced recently that updated patch i.e. 1.9.4 would be the final updated patch. The patch marked the end of the updates and development of the game. Such updates always excite the gamers and players and they feel enticed to get hold of the game and play it. Well in case of this game, releases are coming on continuous basis and being a palyer or a gamer you should gear yourself up to enjoy this game. 

This patch was released back on November 22nd and following the Steam contains the underlined updates:

Most of these patches are related to the new tools for modding that were released in the Warhorse Studios. Within the last couple of years, there have been significant DLCs released that total the number in to 5. The last DLC that was to be released was named as A Woman’s Lot enabling the players to take control of the female character, i.e. Theresa. To the delight of several gamers, Henry got a pet as well.

DLC was released in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition. It is a collection that features the seven DLCs and the base game.

No doubt this is the final patch; however Warhorse Studios has not abandoned the player base. The Modding Tools that were released opened up the game towards new possibilities. Modders indeed are already working hard to create new scenarios for the KCD world.

Recently the Warhorse Studios released its fourth video scripting tutorial for “Guard’s behavior, save / load, loops etc.” The ultimate goal of the tutorial is to accomplish two behvaiors: NPC walks in a loop. NPC contuse to walk between random tagPoints. Both the behaviors support load/save.

The sources have shared that next scheduled scripting tutorial is “Link Data”, “Dynamic Links”, Custom link types etc.

Warhorse Studios will keep on updating its Wiki on Nexus Mods. These are with the information about how to get the gammed mod. The said studio is equally active on YouTube. There the studio answers questions of users related to the Moddling Tools.

With Warhorse Studios Releases Final Update Patch 1.9.4 For Kingdom Come Deliverance new avenues have been opened and cleared about the game. For all those who are interested in downloading the Modding Tools; then you can access them free of cost on NexusMods. However, keep in mind that unfortunately they are available for PC users only. There is no console mod support planned in the coming future as well.

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