What makes Connester mobile app one of the best job search portals in India?

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Finding an ideal career path can often be tricky, particularly in this volatile economic crisis. Sometimes, a wrong decision can ruin your career, and you may end up doing mediocre jobs. Therefore, it is crucial to find the correct job so that your career can get the right flight. Connester, however, is a first and foremost a mobile app, which has all the features to create the best profile. That way, you don’t need to struggle while building your career.

Now if we flip the situation and assume you are an Employer. Of course, you will need a quality workforce to maintain your business operation. Whether you want someone to fill a new position or you to mitigate a vacant job position, one thing that you need is a reliable source. That source should be capable enough to find the right kind of people at your proposed CTC. Connester mobile app is one of the best solutions for you to meet all your workforce requirement.

For those who are unaware, Connester is a mobile app available only on Android OS. So, you will get that in Google Playstore. However, there are talks that they are developing an iOS version which you will get from the Apple Store.

Now about Connester; it is primarily an IT company founded in 2019 and located in Angamoozhy, Kerala. The company founder, Mr Subeesh Bose, holds tons of knowledge in managing the workforce. Thus, they build Connester app, which is far superior and unique than other conventional job search engines. So, it is time we discuss the features and benefits of using the app.

If we take a look around, there are very few mobile apps that support both the Employer and the Candidate. Connester is one such app that helps an Employer to take a look at hundreds of prospects and choose the best Candidate. Now, on the off chance, you are a Candidate, Connester will assist you to create a professional portfolio. So, you can find a list of companies offering jobs that you can apply after that.

When you look for a job in a particular domain, usually you want to filter out the ones you are not eligible to apply. That is why Connester offers a customized search filter. The filter has plenty of options and parameters that will let you pick the ideal company to apply. Similarly, if you an Employer, there is an Advanced search filter for you too. You can select those options which are best for your business and contact with them.

Subeesh Bose (Fouder and CEO of Connester)

Being a Candidate, information like salary packages, company profile, employee reviews, and so on are very critical. Connester will fetch all this information so that you can take a close look before you apply for a post. At the same time, information about a Candidate is crucial for the Employers too. For instance, last-drawn salary, expected salary, total experience, and many more are essential to determine the suitable Candidate for a particular job. With Connester, you will get all the information without breaking a sweat.

Connester mobile app has a brilliant looking User Interface. What’s more interesting is the seamless feel while you navigate the app. That is why most people consider that the app is easy to use. So, whether you are a Candidate or an Employer, you can find what you are looking for with ease.

Another reason which makes Connester standout from the rest is its sharing features. Now, you can share any particular job opening to any popular social media networks. To add to that, you can also share Job Circulars, which allows your thoughts to be heard by hundreds of people at once.

There are hundreds of apps that commit job offers. What makes Connester better is the seamless interaction feature. Suppose you are a Candidate, looking for a job, and found one interesting. The next thing that you can do is to contact that Employer right away. If your profile is good enough, the Employer can contact you using the app. Similarly, if you are an Employer, you can contact a Candidate of your choice straight away.

Connester is exceptionally active in finding jobs nearer to you. They keep an eye on all the activities on the social media sites to fetch any suitable job openings in your locality first. So, once you wrap up creating your profile, you will get notifications and job alerts, and local jobs are of top priority. The Verified user will get some more options to work with.

Connester app is straightforward to configure. You can own it from Google Playstore first and install it. Then, you need to create a profile by providing all the necessary details. Of course, you need to open an account first. You need a valid email and a working contact number to do so. Then upload a resume in PDF and let the magic of the app take over. For an Employer, the steps are pretty much similar as well. For your assistance, there is a Live Chat feature, as well.

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