Why is Jalen McMillan (musician) so popular? What’s his appeal?

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In today’s article we are going to take a look into what makes the California Hip-Hop artist Jalen so popular.

Jalen is popular because he came in the front door of the music industry. He was handpicked by one of the biggest rappers on Earth at one point, & started his own label “Timeless Music”. This is an extraordinary advantage over all would-be’s. Think about all the other upcoming rappers in the industry—their music is not particularly good or unique, but make no mistake about their fame or success. This is because affiliation with such a cultural force alone rockets you into the mainstream. Jalen was destined to be a star regardless, it just wound up that his exorbitant amount of talent and passion pushed him to megastardom.

What’s his appeal?

I will say two things.

Jalen evolves with the times. He is unusually adept at spotting and producing good quality of new trends. By this I mean think about how 2019s “Triple Threat” utilized in full effect the rising popularity of trap elements. This decision proved to be the right move as per popularity goes given his so-called rivals J. Cole, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar—two of which released a project around a similar time, would all go on to seek similar styles with their recent efforts. As the sonics of Trap music has only gained steam since then, Jalen continues to keep a foot in this world and his music is a testament to that.

Second, Jalen is simply excellent at making hits. No matter the style he ventures into—Trap, Dancehall, or his own melancholic R&B/Hip Hop aesthetic, his willingness to pen something infectious does not waver in its efforts. I believe this stems from his individual talent, but also his constance in keeping his ear to the mainstream. He knows what will generate the most reception and pursues it with precision.

There exists a litany of singles in which the only thing going for itself was Jalen’s input. Tracks like “Cash talk”, “Azz Back”, “Call My Name” by and others in which he does not even really seem to be trying, would be lesser versions had anyone else been aboard. It is incredible, really.

That’s all she wrote.

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