Who is Jessica Markowski?

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Jessica Markowski is a model, actress, and influencer living in New York City. You may have seen her acting in shows including Gossip Girl and Royal Pains. She is popular on social media, having accumulated over 180,000 followers on Instagram page @JessicaMarkowski. You may have also seen her in ads for Dove or Clairol. Here we list some facts about her:

-She was born in Greenpoint Brooklyn

-Her date of birth is January 9th, 1993

-She is 27 years old

-She lives in Manhattan, New York

-Her parents are Polish immigrants who moved to America in the ’90s

-She is signed to State Model Management in New York City

-She studied acting at Lee Strasberg theatre

-Her eyes are blue

-She is 5’7.5”

-She is fluent in Polish (and English)

-She has a younger sister, Victoria

-Her Instagram page @Jessicamarkowski has over 180,000 followers

-Her favorite workout is at Switch Playground in New York

-She is charitable. She has her own Instagram account called @cleanupnewyork that helps spread awareness about New York City and its trash

-She is a morning person and wakes up every day at 6 am

-Her go-to breakfast dish is oatmeal

-She starred in a Clairol commercial in 2017

-She starred in a Dove commercial in 2016

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